Author: Jamie

Intel 8th Gen NUC, ESXi 7U2 and the Community NIC Driver

Like many, I’ve found that the power consumption and heat generation of a decent, modern rack server is too much to reasonably handle these days, especially when space is at a premium. That’s why the 8th generation Intel NUC, specifically the ‘NUC8i5BEH’ model, fit my needs perfectly. Being small, quiet (most of the time) and power efficient mean that I barely notice a server running in the bedroom anymore. Quite the difference from the Poweredge […]

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vSphere Replication Appliance and the Bad Exit Code:1

Well well well… your new vCenter certificate has messed up your vSphere Replication Appliance and now it won’t connect to the lookup service anymore. I too, was hit by this annoying error, that gives you nothing but a big headache. The VMware KB at first glance tells you to reboot the appliance, but you’ll find yourself rebooting it ad infinitum in the desperate attempts to get your data synchronising between sites again. The thing is, […]

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Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Expired Certificate

So it’s that time of the year again, your Site Recovery Manager (SRM) appliance needs an update and you’ve found that the certificate has also expired. It seems that SRM will continue to function even with this expired cert for as long as the appliance stays up or the next time you get around to updating it. However once you do update or reboot you’ll find that SRM will be less than enthusiastic to reconnect […]

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